quest) What is

Ans:) is a web application framework developed by Microsoft to built dynamic data driven web application and web services.

It is a sub-set of  .Net framework .A framework is a collection of classes is the successor to classic ASP(Active server Page)

quest) What is a Web-Application?

Ans:)A web application is an application that is accessed by the users using a web browsers. e.g chrome,opera, firefox etc.

qest) List the advantages of web applications.

Ans:)Firstly, web applications just needs to be installed on the web server whereas desktop applications need to be installed on every computer where you need to access.

Secondly, Maintenance, support and patches are easier to provide.

Thirdly, only browser is required on the client machine to access web applications.

fouthly, Cross-platform

fifthly, web applications works on client-server architecture.

Note: on server side applications runs under IIS- Microsoft Internet Information Service

Steps To create Applications :

Open Visual Studio=> select File=>New Project=>c#=>web=> web app

Note: while creating project it consists of two things “Name” and  “solution Name”

Solution contains all the files and projects of your applications and solution explorer can be viewed under view tab in Visual studio.

Project file has an extension of .csproj.

webforms in have an extension of .aspx ,It consists of two parts aspx.cs and aspx.designer.cs

Webforms are automatically added it contains HTML.